Rhythmic Visions
Music and Dance performance company

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RHYTHMIC VISIONS is the creation of musician/composer Ron Wagner and dancer/choreographer Emily Mayne. The company presents concerts of contemporary musical compositions combining melodic and rhythmic elements from various world music systems with concepts from classical music and jazz. Accompanying some of these pieces are choreographed tales told through characterization and gesture which are designed to enhance the audience's experience of the music. Wagner's compositions cross new age, jazz, and world music genres, and Mayne's choreography is best described as surrealist mime.

Wagner plays a variety of ethnic percussion instruments including Marimba, Indian Tablas, Armenian Dhol, African Djembe, Central Asian Frame Drum, Brazilian Pandiero and Tambourim, Egyptian Dumbek, etc., as well as western drums and percussion.

RHYTHMIC VISIONS is available for concerts, lecture demonstrations, workshops, master classes, and lectures.

A RHYTHMIC VISIONS concert ranges from one to two hours.  The concert can be performed solely by Wagner and Mayne with additional programmed sound, or can be a purely live performance with additional musicians as guest artists.

Mayne and Wagner demonstrate and discuss the intricacies of music and/or dance from India, Indonesia, Brazil, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.  The lecture demonstration includes a comparison analysis of these art forms to western music and/or dance (ballet, modern dance, tap).

   WORKSHOPS- Wagner and Mayne present rhythm workshops for dancers and musicians:

  • The rhythm workshops for musicians cover a survey of rhythmic concepts from around the world and include handouts with notation of the exercises covered in the workshop.
  • The rhythm workshops for dancers provide an in depth experience of the direct application of principles of rhythm to the work of dancers and choreographers.
  •    MASTER CLASSES and LECTURES - (see Ron Wagner and Emily Mayne)
  • Indian dance: history and technique
  • World music and dance
  • Indian music north and south: theory and history
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